Cookies Policy

Cookies Definition and purpose

A cookie is a file that is downloaded to the user’s computer/smartphone/tablet when visiting certain webpages with the purpose of storing and retrieving user browsing information. Cookies are little pieces of information, which are saved as plain text files to the user’s computer or device by a website. The information stored in a cookie may be related to user’s browsing habits, or it could contain a unique user identification number for a website to “remember” the user on his/her next visit.

Normally, cookies contain no personally identifiable information, unless the user provides said information through a web form. Cookies do not compromise the user’s equipment security.

This website does not use cookies to track the pages the user visits after leaving its website, neither stores personally identifiable information that third parties could read and/or understand.

Disabling cookies

Disabling cookies may negatively impact your user experience.

If you wish to restrict or block cookies from any website, including this website, you need to change each of your browses’ web content settings on each computer or device used to access the Internet. Each browser has its own web content settings. You can learn how to change these settings on different browsers by clicking on the following links:

  • For more information about blocking cookines in Google Chrome Browser click here
  • For more information about blocking cookines in Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer Browsers click here
  • For more information about blocking cookines in Firefox Browser click here
  • For more information about blocking cookines in Safari Browser click here

Cookies we use

This website uses the following types of cookies:

  • Session cookies are temporarily stored and deleted as soon as the Internet browser is closed. These cookies are designed to collect and store data while the user visits our website.
  • Persistent cookies are stored to the user’s computer or device until expiration or deletion. The stored data can be treated for a defined period of time. These cookies remember your personal preferences, such as your language setting on multilingual websites, for future visits. They also remember your answers to our previous questions, such as those in an online survey.

The complete list of the types of cookies used by this website, together with a brief description for each one of them, are shown below. Cookies referred to as ‘required’ are required for the normal browsing of our websites.

The cookies on this website are disabled.
This decision can be reversed anytime by clicking the below button "Allow Cookies".

Additional information

This website also includes user-friendly and intuitive buttons that link and share certain contents through social networks such as Twitter or Facebook. This functionality implies the use of cookies that link to said social network webpages, where the user information is solely stored.

Furthermore, our partners’ third party websites can be accessed from our website. Said third party websites may also use cookies. The user can access said third party websites cookies policies by visiting their respective websites.

If you want to receive more information about usign cookies you can ask at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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