Estimated Reading Time

This Joomla! plugin shows the estimated reading time of your articles just below the title and allows you to include a reading progress bar indicating how much of the article the reader has already read. The estimated reading time will be shown in the article detail view as well as in frontpage or article list views.

Show estimated time on your Joomla site for your:

  • ✅ Joomla Content Articles
  • ✅ K2 Items (Only for Joomla 3 - plugin version 3.6.2)


  • ✅ Shows the estimated reading time to your users before they read your posts
  • ✅ Shows a reading progress bar in your articles
  • ✅ It shows a reading progress bar on top of the page showing how much they have read
  • ✅ Easy to customize colors for the progress bar  using Bootstrap or UIKit context classes
  • ✅ Shows estimated reading time on articles listing
  • ✅ Exclude non-desired categories
  • ✅ Developer Friendly (with easy to read documentation)
  • ✅ Easy customization with CSS
  • ✅ Easy to override



There are several options to contribute to this extension:

  • If you need a specific feature, feel free to open an issue on GitHub (opens in new window) and we can develop it for you.
  • Write about this plugin in social media
  • Send us screenshots of your sites that we can add to our gallery
  • Translate the plugin into your language and send us the translation


Lots of thanks to Paco Guio for this great logo!
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