Guided tours in Joomla are closer

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Guided tours in Joomla are closer

The third and final release candidate of Joomla 4.3 has been published. This version of Joomla comes with many improvements and with the new guided tours component as a major new feature. This is your last chance to test it before the official release.

Joomla highlighted as accessible CMS at Accessibility Talks

In his talk at the Accessibility Talks entitled: How CMS accessibility Can Help, speaker Hidde de Vries highlighted Jooally, the Joomla 4 accessibility checker as a great help for CMS users.

Phoca Cart incorporates Artificial Intelligence

From version 4.0.6 of Phoca Cart, users of the extension can use the new AI features introduced in the product editor that allows you to easily generate descriptions and other text content for your products. It is, as fas as I know, one of the first cart extensions to incorporate this technology, and we hope it won't be the last one!

PHP script to install Joomla easily

The joomler Luca Racchetti has published a PHP script on GitHub to install Joomla even more easily on your server. Simply place the script on your server and access with your browser to the URL. And you will be able to comfortably choose which Joomla version to install!

Joomlaverse in week 15 of 2023

This week, the Joomla world has not been quiet, and we have the following relevant publications:

And these extension updates:

For some extension developers, Spring is still around and we saw these discounts:

And lastly we have new sites in the Spanish Showcase of Joomla 4 sites MejorConJoomla:

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