Joomla 4.3 one step closer

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Welcome to the first episode of Hepta Extensions Podcast. Your weekly news about Joomla and web development.

Joomla 4.3 is one step closer

We can already download the first release candidate of Joomla 4.3. A version with interesting usability improvements compared to Joomla 4.2 and that brings guided tours as the most outstanding functionality. Remember that this version is only for testing and should not be used in production. You know, the experiments at home and with soda...

VirtueMart announces that automatic updates will be paid

In a note on their blog, VirtueMart announces that the next one-click updates will only be available to subscribers. The code to make the updates will be available through their SVN repository and they will also publish a tutorial so that anyone with enough time and desire can update to the latest versions. With this change, it is intended to make the development of the extension more sustainable.

We read these publications

We got these extension updates

  • Joomla CK has released version 2.4 of Slideshow CK which now allows you to insert your sliders into your Joomla content.
  • We have a new version of the JCE editor. In this case, Ryan wrote some documentation created by chatGPT !
  • They're still going strong on Weeblr and Yannick has posted 4SEF 1.4.1 and a new version of 4Podcast (1.4.0) - we proudly use to distribute this podcast. Thank you very much Yannick!!

And that's all!! If you find any interesting article or want to tell the world about your product or updates, drop me a line, and you might do it into the next episode ;)

In the meanwhile, you may find all the links at Till next week!!

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