Joomla 5 is coming. Design the future!!

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Joomla 5 is in the horizon and Joomla project challenges you to design the look of the project for the following years. Do you dare?

Joomla challenges you to design the project landing pages for Joomla 5

In the last edition of Joomla Magazine, the marketing team started a challenge for a new design for Joomla 5. The Joomla 5 design challenge consists on creating a design for the main or the Joomla 5 landing page, and you can submit your ideas till June 14th. Please, please, please, check your color contrast before submitting your ideas ;).

New session of JoomlaDay USA open to everyone

Have you already seen all the JoomlaDay USA videos and want more? Don't worry! Next June 3rd there is a new session open to everyone where Elisa Foltyn will do a Q&A about YooTheme Pro. The session will be recorded and will be available afterwards only for those who had their ticket for JoomlaDay USA. Register and participate!

Session available: Guide to getting started with accessibility testing

The recording of the webinar on how to start accessibility testing for developers is now available.

Available the JoomlaDagen 2023 videos

The videos of the JoomlaDay Netherlands 2023 sessions are now available. We currently have 8 sessions on their YouTube channel with videos in English and in Dutch.

Release candidate of Joomla 4.3.2

Joomla version 4.3.2 is about to be released and as usual, the project published the first release candidate, so we can test the new improvements and fixes on our test sites.

JoomlaVerse fourth week of May 2023

This week the Joomla world has not been quiet, and we have the following relevant publications:

And these extension updates:

We also found this discount:

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It's Saturday afternoon. Go outside and find a nice museum to be inspired.

Thank you for listening.

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