Joomla 5 is faster if you're up to date

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Updates in Joomla bring benefits and this week we find how the changes in Joomla 5 will bring us many joys.

Joomla is 30% faster with PHP 8.3

The popular hosting company Kinsta has published a performance comparison of the most popular CMS for PHP versions 8.1, 8.2 and 8.3, and in their tests Joomla! is up to 30% faster on the latest PHP version.

Even though it has just been released, it seems that using the latest PHP version with Joomla! brings significant improvements to the system.

Controversy between YourSites and Akeeba

This week, Akeeba has issued a public statement responding to the response from YourSites support about changes to the Akeeba Backup API.

The response from YourSites has not been long in coming, and they have published an article with their point of view and clarifying the misunderstanding.

YourSites is a website monitoring and remote management component for Joomla and WordPress sites that facilitates the management of multiple sites and that you can install on your server. Akeeba has just launched Akeeba Panopticon, an alternative for remote monitoring and management of Joomla sites that has surprised the community of developers in recent weeks.

Let's hope that after this exchange of views, this little controversy will be settled.

Joomlaverse in the first week of December 2023

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This episode was written on Sunday. Let's keep a minute of silence for all those meetings and calls of the week that could have been solved with an email.

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