Joomla 5 shakes the world on its release

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We had a busy week in the Joomla world. At the launch of Joomla 5, we had some update bugs, vulnerability fixes in extensions and above all, a community that wakes up to tell the advantages of Joomla 5.

Joomla 5 is now available

Following the planning of the Joomla project, the new major version of Joomla, Joomla 5, is now available to install on our servers. It is a version with many significant improvements in speed, SEO, clean code… and also adds a backward compatibility plugin for those sites that can not upgrade to the latest version of the components.

Bug discovered when 'reinstalling files' in Joomla 4.4

A problem appeared in Joomla 4.4 that happens on sites that try to "reinstall core files" from the Joomla updater. It seems that when trying to use this functionality, Joomla downloads Joomla 5 files instead of Joomla 4 files but without updating the database with Joomla 5 changes. The Joomla project has published how to fix the problem in the release FAQ in their official documentation.

TemplateJoomla adds a filter for templates in Joomla 5

Now in the template directory we can filter the templates compatible with Joomla 4 or Joomla 5.

Update for a minor security flaw in the JCE editor

The popular Joomla JCE editor released its version 2.9.51 which fixes a minor vulnerability that could be used to execute arbitrary PHP code already present in its folders on the server. This vulnerability affects all its previous versions, so it is advisable to update as soon as possible.

Akeeba presents Panopticon: A new free, free and self-managed site monitor.

From Akeeba, they continue to create innovative solutions for Joomla and have just released Panopticon, a new self-managed Joomla site monitoring system that besides being free as a bird, it will be free as a beer. The system can be installed on any server that meets a minimum of requirements and comes to compete with other great solutions like YourSites, Watchful or BackupMonkey.

October issue of Joomla Magazine

You can now read the articles of the new edition of the Joomla magazine. This time we have the presentation of the new features of Joomla 5, Joomla 5 upgrade experiences, the chronicle of everything that happened at the JoomlaDay ES, the migration of several sites from to Joomla 4 and how to make Joomla shine with your help.

JoomlaVerse in the third week of October 2023

In the week when Joomla 5 finally saw the light of day, the Joomla world has a lot to tell:

 The sites that told us about the launch of Joomla 5 were:

But JoomlaVerso this week was much more than Joomla 5 release, and we found other interesting content:

Regarding Joomla events, next week Noemi will be on Twitch speaking about Joomla in English and Spanish on Thursday at 5pm (UTC).

It's Saturday, your effort today is your success tomorrow.

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