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 In a week marked by events and #jtravels, the Joomla Community has risen to the occasion, taking charge of empowering and educating. This vibrant community has been actively sharing their knowledge and expertise, inspiring others to dive into the world of Joomla.

Available the JoomlaDay USA 2023 videos

The JDayUSA 2023 team has finished processing the videos of the event sessions, and they are now available through their website for everyone who registered for the event.

May 2023 issue of Joomla Magazine

A new and very interesting edition of Joomla Magazine is available for this month of May. We have articles about Joomla 5, template modifications, artificial intelligence, books about Joomla 4.... and you can even read my latest article on how to become a Joomla developer!

JoomlaVerse in last week of May 2023

This week, the Joomla world has not been quiet, and we have the following relevant publications:

With the end of JoomlaDay Netherlands, the speaker presentations and more tidbits that were announced to us are starting to arrive. The videos will come later, but for now we can give a taste with this material:

And these extension updates:

That's all for this week. If you just know about this podcast, remember you can find it weekly on Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Podcast or even YouTube. On the podcast page you have all links to subscribe and even the RSS feed link. Thank you for listening.

Today it's Saturday, it's a great time to grab a book and learn something new, even if it's from a fiction story.

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