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Joomla community gets ready to celebrate Joomla 5

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With the imminent release of the stable release of Joomla 5, Joomla community starts planning to celebrate this major outbreak in Joomla history.

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Latest Joomla 5 release candidate available

Following its development plan, we can now enjoy the second release candidate of Joomla 5. In this new release candidate have been fixed some problems with dark mode and caching, in addition to the final improvements of the site microdata. This is the last test version before next October 17, when the stable version of Joomla 5 will be released.

Joomlaverse in the second week of October 2023

This week, the Joomla world has not been quiet, and we have the following relevant publications:

In the next week we will have the following events:

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It's Saturday, and it's starting to get chilly out there. Go out and buy a nice umbrella to welcome the rain.


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