Joomla has a hangover after JoomlaDay USA

(Reading time: 2 - 4 minutes)

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Not so many Joomla news this week. Probably dealing with hangover after JoomlaDay USA, but we still have some interesting news to share:

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Free JoomlaDay USA session open to everyone

JoomlaDay USA offered the session Beyond responsive design: new and future media queries on a webinar format last Thursday. Although this session was open to everyone, the recording will only be available to attendees of the event. You may still register to watch all the recorded sessions when they are available in a couple of weeks.

Webinar for beginners on how to test the accessibility of a site

Deque Systems (the company behind the AXE accessibility tester) is offering a free and open to everyone webinar on How to test the accessibility of a website. The event will be next May 16 at 8:00 pm Central European Time and is aimed at developers who want to start testing the accessibility of their developments. If you can't attend, don't worry. They will send the recording to all registrants after the event.

WordPress Accessibility Day 2023 will be held in September

The WordPress Accessibility Day organization has announced the dates for the 2023 edition of the event. The event is a 24-hour online conference open to everyone and this year it will be held on September 27 and 28. Although it is an event that revolves around WordPress, it is very interesting because it highlights many practices that we can follow and learn from the techniques to make sites more accessible. In fact in the 2022 edition I had the honor of participating as a speaker with the talk: How we made Joomla 4 accessible.

Joomla 4.3.1 is in the oven

The first minor version of Joomla 4.3 is ready to be released (probably next Tuesday). At the moment, we already have Joomla 4.3.1 release candidate version available to check the corrections that this version introduces.

JoomlaVerse in week 17 of 2023

This week the Joomla world has not been quiet and we have the following relevant publications:

We found these extension updates:

And we found this interesting new extension:

We also came across this discount:

That's all for this week. Please keep your sites up to date and with a recent backup. At this podcast we want to hear from you! If you have any Joomla news or updates you'd like to share, or if you have any comments or feedback on the episode, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. You can send your news and comments to our email address, or connect with us on social media. We appreciate your support and look forward to hearing from you soon. Keep on rocking with Joomla!

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