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Joomla.org: Back from the Dead and Ready to Rock!

(Reading time: 2 - 4 minutes)

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At the start of the week, we found ourselves dealing with a temporary Joomla outage, and after thorough investigations on this podcast, we can confidently declare: No, this time, it wasn't George's doing.

Joomla.org is available again

At the beginning of October, Joomla.org sites have suffered downtime due to an update of their hosting provider. Since last October 2, everything is back to normal, and you can now access all Joomla.org sites you need.

First Release Candidate of Joomla 5 (and 4.4)

We already have available the first release candidate of Joomla 5 and Joomla 4.4 (which is the bridge to migrate to Joomla 5). In this version, many problems that appeared in the first betas have been fixed and usability improvements and code optimizations have been added. It's time to test the best Joomla version ever. 😉

Iconic Protostar Template Returns to Joomla 4

The beloved Protostar template, once the default for Joomla 3, makes a triumphant comeback in Joomla 4, all thanks to the efforts of JoomlaTema. Discover the nostalgia and modernity seamlessly blended in this exciting update!

Extensions directory adds tags for Joomla 5

The Joomla Extensions Directory (JED) has added tags to mark extensions as compatible with Joomla 5. Two tags have been added, one indicating full compatibility and the other indicating compatibility only with the backwards compatibility plugin enabled.

Joomlaverse in the first week of October 2023

We start the month of October with many very interesting publications about Joomla:

We also have the following events:

And we found these relevant releases:

Halloween is coming and with it new discounts on our favorite extensions and templates. And we found:

That's all for this week. If you just know about this podcast, remember you can find it weekly on Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Podcast or even YouTube. On the podcast page you have all links to subscribe and also a nice RSS feed link to use in your favorite podcast's app.

It's Saturday evening and the weather is awesome outside. Call some old friends you haven't been with for so long and meet with them at the nearest park.

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