Last chance to test Joomla 4.3

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Joomla 4.3 RC 2 is out

We can finally test the second RC of Joomla 4.3. This is the last chance to test our sites before the release of Joomla 4.3 stable, which is due on April 18.

New sessions announced for JoomlaDay USA

JoomlaDay USA announced new sessions in a newsletter last week. I have been checking the web and I have found only a new one: Nicholas' talk on security "Site Wars: The Phantom Menace". Catchy, isn't it?

Web accessibility: easier than you think

Piensa Solutions have convened the accessibility consultant Vicent Sanchís and the expert designer Ana Cirujano to talk about accessibility and how we can aim for a more accessible site just paying attention to design. Because not everything is coding... It's in Spanish but for sure YouTube transcripts will help you.

You can now buy your tickets for JoomlaDay DACH

We see on the JoomlaDay DACH Instagram account that you can now buy your tickets for the event. This JoomlaDay will be held in Salzburg, Austria in September and although it is geared towards German-speaking Joomla users, it usually has many talks in English.

Joomlaverse in week 14 of 2023

This week, Joomlaverse has not been quiet, and we have found the following publications:

And as Spring is in the air, we saw these discounts we may fall in love with:

Run for them!!

Finally, we found these extension updates:

  • Kunena released version 6.0.10 which brings several bug fixes and translation improvements.
  • Kevin Guides site has released the extension YAQ for creating quizzes and exams on your sites. This is the extension they use in their site and it looks very interesting to better engage with our audience.
  • JoomShaper released SP Page Builder 4.0.9 which comes with an addon to create forms and another one to add people names and bug fixes.
  • CommerceLab released UserPro. A user profile integration with YooTheme Pro that for sure will give your user accounts a new look and feel.
  • Tassos has published his recap of updates for the month of March great job!!!
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