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This week we discover a great project to a colorful Cassiopeia and no, it's not an AI project...

Change the colors of Cassiopeia without programming skills

This week we discovered the project that allows you to easily generate the code you need to change the colours of the Cassiopeia template. This site, created by Elisa Sophia of Coolcat creations, generates random color palettes in various styles, and you can also modify the generated colors. Finally, it allows you to download the user.css file to upload to your Cassiopeia folder to change the color palette.

JoomShaper integrates AI into its pagebuilder

JoomShaper has unveiled a new version of its page builder that integrates artificial intelligence to generate images and text directly with AI on your site. In the video demonstrating the integration of AI in SP Pagebuilder, you can see how in one of their blocks they easily create an image from a description and text directly from the page builder.

JoomlaVerse in the penultimate week of November 2023

This episode was writen on Sunday, get a bike and take a ride around your city.

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