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The Netherlands is the epicentre of Joomla this week

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This week, Joomlers have moved to the Netherlands to celebrate their JoomlaDay. But even in #jtravel we have plenty of Joomla news and publications.

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Module to export child templates

Dimitris Grammatiko has published a module on GitHub that allows you to easily export the child templates of your site. In the description of the module he makes it very clear that it is intended exclusively for internal use by agencies to be able to port these themes to their clients and in no case for mass distribution of child templates.

Submit your ideas for guided tours in Joomla!

Olivier Buisard is looking for ideas and suggestions to improve the guided tours in the new Joomla 4.3. Among his list of requests, he already has the ability to import and export these tours and also to make it easier for extension developers to easily integrate the tours for their extensions. If you have any requests or suggestions for guided tours, don't hesitate to send him a note!

JoomlaVerse in  2nd week of May 2023

In this week, the Joomla world has been busy, and we have the following relevant publications:

Regarding Joomla events:

And these extension updates:

We have found an interesting discount:

  • JoomUnited offers a 20% discount on Dropfiles until May 18th if you use the coupon code DROPFILES-20

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It's Saturday, go and take a walking tour of your city. You may find interesting places you didn't know.

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