Don't be scared, we'll meet again in 2024

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Robert Deutz dropped the bombshell this week, revealing that JandBeyond will be back in 2024.

JandBeyond 2024 Announced

On Joomla's Mattermost community, Robert Deutz announced a new edition of the JandBeyond event. The event will be held in the German city of Potsdam between May 17 and 19, 2024.

The venue will be the Kongresshotel Potsdam and Blind bird tickets will be available around December at a cost of 329€.

Start booking your flights and stay!!

Video comparing Joomla 5 vs WordPress 6

On his YouTube channel, WebTech with Brett leaves us a comparison between Joomla 5 and WordPress (in English). The results will surprise you…

JoomlaVerse in the fourth week of October 2023

In an incomparable week in the Joomla world, from our panopticon we were able to read the following publications:

Halloween is coming and we have found these interesting discounts:

Remember, it's Saturday, and as they say, "comparisons are odorous." Have wonderful day.

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