Easy Show Coupons

This module shows applicable coupons in product pages, where your users will decide whether to buy at your shop.

Do you offer coupons to your users as a way of increase your sales but they remain unnoticed or your users miss them?

No problem!! This module will automatically shows your coupons in the product page so that your users can benefit your discounts and boost your sales!

Also if you providers impose you catalog price, but you can get benefit of reducing your margins, this module will allow you to show the best deal to your users without changing the product price.

With this you module you will:

  • Increase your coupons use and then increase your sales
  • Increase your conversion rate as your users will always see the lowest price
  • Be on top of your competitors allowing your users to always get your reduced prices
  • Be totally clear to your users about the actual reduced price of your products.


  • Show a featured box with your cart rules and coupons information
  • You may combine several benefits in your cart rules: Free shipping, discount or gift and the text will be adapted to your combination
  • You may create cart rules with no coupon code and the module will correctly detect it.
  • The module will also correctly show price discounts as percentage or as amount
  • The module will show updated coupon information per attribute if needed when users chooses different attributes
  • Fully overridable through Prestashop overrides system


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