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Written by Carlos Cámara - 17 December 2023

Updates in Joomla bring benefits and this week we find how the changes in Joomla 5 will bring us many joys.

Written by Carlos Cámara - 10 December 2023

In just a month since its release, Joomla 5 already offers many opportunities to create spectacular sites thanks to our great template designers.

Written by Carlos Cámara - 04 December 2023

With new releases and personal projects, developing for Joomla is now much easier and more interesting. Let's see what our amazing community brought us in the last week of November.

Written by Carlos Cámara - 27 November 2023

This week we discover a great project to a colorful Cassiopeia and no, it's not an AI project...

Written by Carlos Cámara - 20 November 2023

This week we have seen events being added to the 2024 Joomla calendar. Great news for our community to keep growing.

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