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Written by Carlos Cámara - 27 May 2023

Joomla 5 is in the horizon and Joomla project challenges you to design the look of the project for the following years. Do you dare?

Written by Carlos Cámara - 21 May 2023

 In a week marked by events and #jtravels, the Joomla Community has risen to the occasion, taking charge of empowering and educating. This vibrant community has been actively sharing their knowledge and expertise, inspiring others to dive into the world of Joomla.

Written by Carlos Cámara - 13 May 2023

This week, Joomlers have moved to the Netherlands to celebrate their JoomlaDay. But even in #jtravel we have plenty of Joomla news and publications.

Written by Carlos Cámara - 06 May 2023

This month of may comes full of interesting events around Joomla and accessibility. But first...

Written by Carlos Cámara - 30 April 2023

Not so many Joomla news this week. Probably dealing with hangover after JoomlaDay USA, but we still have some interesting news to share:

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