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Written by Carlos Cámara - 28 October 2023

Robert Deutz dropped the bombshell this week, revealing that JandBeyond will be back in 2024.

Written by Carlos Cámara - 22 October 2023

We had a busy week in the Joomla world. At the launch of Joomla 5, we had some update bugs, vulnerability fixes in extensions and above all, a community that wakes up to tell the advantages of Joomla 5.

Written by Carlos Cámara - 15 October 2023

With the imminent release of the stable release of Joomla 5, Joomla community starts planning to celebrate this major outbreak in Joomla history.

Written by Carlos Cámara - 07 October 2023

At the start of the week, we found ourselves dealing with a temporary Joomla outage, and after thorough investigations on this podcast, we can confidently declare: No, this time, it wasn't George's doing.

Written by Carlos Cámara - 01 October 2023

With the new dark mode in Joomla 5, we can enjoy a darker version of the Joomla Administrator with other important features, all explained in this episode.

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